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Winter Activities 2019

Winter Activities 2019

The holidays are over, but there is still lots of time to enjoy the cold, winter months. We all have mixed opinions about the cold, snow, and slippery weather. Some of us may prefer to stay curled up under a blanket and watch TV. While this is fun occasionally, it is important to keep your child's mind and body active this time of year. After all, staying inside all day make children go stir crazy. Below are a few ways for the entire family to stay active during these cold months.

Winter Fun, ice fishing, sleigh ride, snowman

Play in the snow: Hopefully, this is a snowy winter. The snow can be lots of fun for all ages. Children can practice a variety of developmental skills, such as throwing snowballs. Children can also increase strength while doing heavy work by pushing snow to make a snowman. Walking can be a challenging activity in the snow because of the balance required to take steps, especially on a more unstable surface. Going sledding is another fun activity. The kids will get lots of exercise when walking up the hill with the reward of flying down it. When everyone gets tired, laying down and making snow angels is a great way to practice coordinating arms and legs while seeing how big the kids can make their snow angels.

Play at indoor play areas: Many malls, including at the Oxmoor Mall, Mall St. Matthews, and Jefferson Mall have indoor play areas. Some churches also have play areas. Furthermore, check out trampoline parks and gymnastics facilities for open gym as these are fun places for kids to jump around. These are great places for practicing gross motor skills while getting lots of proprioceptive and vestibular input. Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Louisville and Altitude Trampoline park sponsor a special needs jump from 11:00-12:00 on Sundays. Check out for more details. In addition, arcades, such as Round One at the Jefferson Mall and Dave and Busters at Mall St. Matthews, offer some games to help with coordination and ball skills.

Indoor pool with diving board and marked lap lanes

Go to an indoor pool: Local YMCAs, recreation centers, and hotels have indoor pools. Many allow walk-ins for a small fee. Pools are great for all ages and abilities. Kids can swim, jump and float, practicing different gross motor skills in a fun environment.

Join your local recreation center: Often times, recreation centers have specials around the beginning of the year. Recreation centers have lots of programs for kids and adults to increase their level of fitness and health.

Go mall walking: During the day, and especially in the morning, malls are usually less busy. The mall is a great place to walk and get those steps in for the day. For those who may use a walker or a gait trainer, the mall can provide a wider area with long hallways that can allow your child to practice walking.

Family having fun at the Louisville Science Museum

Walk around museums: Exploring museums, such as the Louisville Children’s Museum, the Louisville Bat Museum, and the Kentucky Science Center, can provide children with a way to get out of the house and walk around while learning and exploring.

The winter months can be just as fun as the summer when you get out and explore the city! Continue to check our Facebook page for more upcoming events around town!

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