Way to go! Ausin, you’re a star!

Way to go! Austin, you're a star!

TheraPLACE would like to recognize Austin for his excellent progress towards oral sensory regulation. At Austin’s initial occupational therapy evaluation, about 6 months ago, he had significant oral aversions to fruits and vegetables in their natural form, consistently refusing to place non-preferred foods near his mouth.  He often got emotional about interacting with new foods. He also did not like foods that were presented hot or cold, eating most foods at room temperature.  In the past half year with skilled feeding therapy he has grown to drink cold drinks, expand his diet with new foods, and now bites into once non-preferred vegetables and fruits! He is continuing to progress as a “food scientist”, describing all the sensory aspects of foods (i.e. sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste). We are so proud of your hard work, Austin!

Austin in feeding therapy

Austin having fun in feeding therapy.

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