Way to go Arabella!

Your're a Star! Way to go Arabella!

little girl eating peachings in high chair

Arabella during Feeding Therapy


TheraPLACE would like to recognize Arabella for her excellent progress over the past several months, especially in the areas of feeding and expressive communication.  She began her time at TheraPLACE with a very limited diet and concerns with lack of weight gain as well as use of only a few words.  Arabella has greatly increased her diet variety to include things like yogurt, raspberries, mangos, strawberries, blackberries, and peanut butter!  She has  improved significantly in her self-feeding skills and is gaining weight.  Arabella says many more words independently and has began to imitate words she hears.  She says new words during every session and her vocabulary grows all the time!  Her hard work is really paying off—way to go, Arabella!

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