Way to go Aniyah!

Way to go Aniyah!

Over the past three years at TheraPLACE Aniyah has made continuous progress toward all of her goals, but she has truly earned a round of applause for her amazing strides related to handwriting.  When Aniyah started at TheraPLACE we focused on refining her ability to imitate and then independently draw shapes

Awesome Aniyah is WRITE on Track!

Since that time she has mastered the formation of capital and lowercase letters.  This allows her brain to write more automatically, freeing up her to focus more on what she is writing than how to write each letter.  This is a game changer for learning and displaying knowledge.
Aniyah's most recent accomplishment: writing (not copying!) four full, consecutive sentences without the need for any assistance related specifically to writing.  Now if others have trouble understanding Aniyah when she is using sign language or speaking, she uses writing to express herself.
As Aniyah's writing improved, so did her drawing.  Instead of imitating simple steps to draw pictures, her creative expression now includes drawings done completely independently and with novel components.  Some of her favorite things to draw include outer space with rockets blasting past the planets, genies soaring on magic carpets, and underwater scenes with mermaids.
What is next for Aniyah?  This amazing young lady will be working on generalizing her handwriting skills to a variety of paper types.  This skills will help her succeed in the classroom regardless of the type of worksheet or paper used in the classroom or community.
Curious about what techniques and tools could help a young writer that you know?  Please contact us, we'd love to help!

Aniyah at the 2016 Changing the Face of Beauty Louisville event

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