Little girl using Valentine's candy hearts for counting

Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine's Day Activities: Love your body and your brain

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and kids love getting and receiving Valentine’s Day cards and candy. Use this day as a way to show your kids’ brains and bodies love through being active. Below are a few suggestions to incorporate therapy into the day.


Pretend to be Cupid

  • Draw a heart shaped target on a piece of paper. Throw balls at the heart to score points to see who is the better Cupid.
  • Make this activity a little messier by drawing the heart on a large piece of paper and coating the balls with paint to create a picture. When the paint dries, write a nice message on the heart to use as a card for a family member.
Boy throwing ball at heart shape on wall

Go on a family “Date Night”

On Valentine’s Day, go on an active date with the entire family. A few options include: playing at their favorite park, taking a hike, going to a museum, or jumping around at a trampoline park. You know your children best, so plan an activity that they will love.

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Yoshi and her son on a carousel ride.

Have fun with candy!

Kids get a lot of candy and sugar on Valentine’s Day. That does not mean they need to eat it all. You can use it to make patterns and practice counting. You can also talk about different characteristics of the candy and practice putting the candy into different categories.

Girl sorting Valentine's candy hearts

How ever you decide to celebrate those you love this season, remember to show love by keeping your children’s brains and bodies active!

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