School-wide Services

Preschools, Schools, and Day Care Facilities

TheraPLACE is happy to provide a variety of occupational and speech therapy services for schools, preschools, and daycares.If you like to take advantage of this opportunity, please call or contact us through the Services Form on our Contact page.


Screenings help determine if any fine or gross motor, communication, or life skills abilities could be enhanced by the services we offer. A screening allows for a fairly complete picture of a child’s abilities. Afterward, the screening therapist will provide a professional, concise report regarding their observations and interpretation. If concerns are noted and you wish to move forward, the child may be referred for comprehensive evaluation by the necessary therapy discipline(s).

Therapy Services

Would you like to begin providing on-site occupational and speech therapy services? Need a highly-qualified, licensed therapist for the school year or to cover while your therapist is on maternity leave? TheraPLACE can help. Contact us to let us know your needs.

Interactive Metronome

Research shows that individuals able to resist distractions are the most successful at holding information in their working memory, processing it, and learning. These studies illustrate that for learning to occur, students must be able to do 3 things effectively.
These skills include:

  • Actively hold information in working memory
  • Update this information as needed
  • Self-direct attention to ONLY to what is important

These critical learning skills influenced by our ability to perceive time and produce precisely timed actions. Timing in the brain, known as temporal processing, appears deficient in several conditions commonly encountered in academic settings: ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, auditory processing disorder, reading disorders, and dyslexia. For example, it is widely accepted that many children with developmental dyslexia do not perceive auditory timing and rhythm cues in speech as well as typically developing children, leading to language learning differences. Research also shows that appropriate intervention can promote or restore synchronous timing skills.

Interactive Metronome (IM) is a systematic program that improves timing in the brain. In turn, this improves students’ abilities to learn, retain, and apply new information.
IM can help improve many school-related skills, including:

  • Focus & Concentration
  • Sequencing & Organizational Skills
  • Auditory & Language Processing
  • Reading & Math Achievement
  • Handwriting
  • Self-Control, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity

A student does not need a medical diagnosis to benefit from IM. Studies show that IM helps typically developing students achieve accelerated reading outcomes, math fluency and calculation skills, and mental processing speeds in typically developing middle and high school students. After following an IM protocol, student athletes in one study improved between 1.5 and 2.4 grade levels in reading and math fluency and mental processing speed. Learn more in resources provided below.

Overview & Research

Interactive Metronome Helps Children Improve in School

Interactive Metronome Helps Teens Improve in School & Self-Confidence

Solutions Training

TheraPLACE understands that while parents and caregivers wish to provide optimal care for their children, there are others out there wishing to do the same: preschools, schools, daycares, and many others. For this reason, we offer consultation services to various types of facilities for a number a reasons. Although our services can be catered to meet your specific needs, examples of consultation topics are listed below.

  • Designing site-specific sensory rooms of any scale
  • Classroom design and modifications
  • Program development for children of varying abilities
  • Inservices and seminars on a variety of topics (i.e.sensory integration strategies, feeding techniques)
  • Designing home-based sensory rooms
  • Empowering teachers and enhancing confidence