IM Home


IM-Home is the Interactive Metronome (IM) for home use. IM-Home allows individuals to receive the benefits of IM, but without having to drive to a facility that offers it. This means that IM can be completed as it fits into a family’s typical routine. Using IM’s web-based eClinic, you work with one of our certified specialists to complete a customized home training therapy plan. The results are automatically sent to your specialist. The specialist can review the results, make plan modifications as needed, and collaborate with you to promote success.

IM-Home is perfect for children and young adults who…moving-parts

  • Can’t make it to the clinic at least 3 times per week
  • Need to work on other modalities and interventions in the clinic
  • Have completed IM in the clinic and would benefit from IM to help tackle future developmental milestones
  • Want access to IM for present training and before future life events (i.e. test preparation, sports training)

For more information, contact us and visit the link below.