Cognitive Development Program

Cognitive Development Program

Our cognitive skills are what allow us to carry out everyday tasks, from the simplest to the most complex. They impact our ability to pay attention, learn, remember, problem-solve, make decisions, and perform purposeful activities during everyday life.

Cognitive skills that impact how we function in our daily lives include:

  • Working Memory – holding and manipulation pieces of information in the mind (think brain juggling)
  • Processing Ability/Speed – the ability take in and make sense of incoming information
  • Mental Flexibility – switching between and thinking about multiple concepts simultaneously
  • Visual/Spatial Processing – organizing visual stimuli into meaningful information
  • Logic – the ability to reason

These skills are crucial for effective learning. Some areas they impact include mental math, letter and number fluency, letter and number formation, taking notes, copying from the board, connecting face and name, plan and organize, follow directions, using the “mind’s eye”, directionality, socialize with others, and many other components of daily functioning.

Fortunately, these skills can be improved with regular, systematic training. Due to the brain’s plasticity, neural pathways can be changed based on learning and behavior. The brain can change and adapt based on experience. Our cognitive development programs offers the learning experiences needed to make these lasting changes in the brain, ultimately allowing for improved cognitive functioning that will influence all components of an individual’s life.

Our Cognitive Development Program is recommended for one hour per day, five days per week. If it is not possible to make it to our facility each day, we do offer the option to Skype for sessions. For more details, give us a call or contact us here.