The Yellow Dot Program


A Free Program to Assist First Responders

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety is offering a new program designed to help ensure the safety and well-being of individuals with variety of medical conditions following a car crash.  Titled The Yellow Dot Program, this program alerts first responders at the crash scenes to critical medical about a rider in the vehicle. The program is free for to all Kentucky residents.

How The Program Works

1) Obtain your Yellow Dot information packet from our front office at TheraPLACE.

2) Place the Yellow Dot decal in the lower-left corner on the driver-side rear window.  Make sure the glass surface is clean so the decal will adhere tightly.

3) Fill out the Yellow Dot personal information folder.  This form includes basic medical summary, allergy and medication details, emergency and personal physician’s contact information, and a history of any recent surgeries. The completed form should include a clear, close-up face shot photo, which can easily identify the individual in the vehicle should there be an accident.

4) Place the information folder in the glove compartment on top of all the other papers so it is readily visible to first responders.

5) If there is more than one person who uses the vehicle, or if you routinely carry children in the vehicle requiring the Yellow Dot personal Information folder, use separate Yellow Dot folders for each regular occupant.  Keep all Yellow Dot folders together in the glove compartment, within plain sight, to make retrieval in an emergency faster.

6) Protect your identity! Don't include information such as credit card or social security numbers.

If you would like to participate in this free program, please see the front office at TheraPLACE. We have Yellow Dot folders and stickers.

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