Morgan’s Dreams

Morgan's Dreams

Morgan's Dreams specializes in handmade weighted blankets and lap pads. Each item is constructed with love by the owner, Andrea Frazier of Charlestown, IN.  When sharing information about Morgan’s Dreams with us, Andrea explained that three years ago, she was “just a mom desperately needing a natural tool to help her daughter Morgan sleep better”.  Morgan, the company's namesake, was born with Cerebral Palsy and her sleep patterns were very unpredictable.  After doing research and consulting with several occupational therapists for a natural way to improve Morgan's sleeping pattern,  Andrea realized a weighted blanket might be the right option and decided to make one for Morgan.  According to Andrea's website, "The very first night of using the weighted blanket something amazing happened...she slept all night!!" Soon word of Morgan's story traveled the area and Andrea was making blankets for friends and family members. As the demand for Andrea's reasonably priced, high quality weighted blanket increased, Morgan's Dreams was born!

Here is some basic information about Morgan’s Dreams weighted blankets:

  • Top Fabric: 100% cotton fabric of your choice
  • Bottom Fabric: soft minky bottom fabric of your choice  
  • Care: can be washed and dried
  • Filling: non-toxic, smooth plastic pellet called Poly Pellets
Boy sitting with weighted blanket over shoulders.

Special thanks to Aleem for modeling our weighted blanket during an OT session!

Morgan's Dreams weighted blankets are available in  3 main sizes: small, medium and large.  Small weighted blankets are $85.00 and measure 28x40 inches.  Medium weighted blankets are $122.00 and measure 32x52 inches.  Large weighted blankets are $160.00 and measure 38x70 inches.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  

In addition to weighted blankets, Andrea makes weighted lap pads. Lap pads are $30.00 and measure 18x21 inches.  Lap pads are commonly used at school, during homework time or while in the car.  

The weight placed in all weighted blankets is customized to the user.  The general rule followed is 10% of the user’s body weight plus 1 pound.  It is not recommended to use a weighted blanket heavier than these proportions.  Andrea stands by this  guideline to ensure customers have a quality and safe blanket.  

How Can a Weighted Blanket Help?  

A weighted blanket can help you sleep through the night, ease anxiety and stress, and improve focus.  Weighted blankets provide deep pressure therefore promoting the production of serotonin and endorphins, which are the chemicals our body naturally use to feel relaxed and calm.  Weighted blankets provide proprioceptive input to the body therefore making us feel grounded and secure.  Weighted blankets have been known to help the following conditions: ADD/ADHD, anxiety, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, insomnia, restless legs syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder, just to name a few.  

TheraPLACE owns a small weighted blanket purchased from Morgan’s Dreams that is used during therapy. If you are interested in this product please ask your child's occupational therapist about trialing it. 

For more information about weighted blankets, visit Andrea’s website at You can follow her on Facebook at Morgan’s Dreams.

Andrea can be emailed at for any further questions or to place an order. Orders may be placed on her website, by Facebook message, or by email. Make sure to mention you saw this article on our website:)

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