Hopscotch for Letters and Sounds

Hopscotch for Letters and Spelling

Hopscotch for Letters and Spelling

This fun twist on a classic game is a great way to incorporate gross motor skills and phonological awareness. By writing out the letters or phonemes and hopping to them, your child can enjoy practicing letters and letter sounds while working on balance and coordination. Here are two variations of hopscotch that can build your child's phonics skills and help them jump right into reading.

What You Need: 

Letter Hopscotch

  • Sidewalk chalk 
  • A small pebble or coin
  • Perhaps a friend, sibling or both!

What To Do For Letter Hopscotch:

  1. Find a nice clear blank area you can write on with sidewalk chalk.  A playground, sidewalk, driveway, garage or basement floor is great to use for this activity.
  2. Using the chalk, draw large squares in a hopscotch formation. Once, you are finished making the hopscotch grid, either you or your child can write the letters and/or letter combinations in each box. This step is great for practicing handwriting!
  3. Now that the hopscotch grid is completed, have your child start by hopping on one foot or both feet at a time, and saying the name of the letter they land on. But when they land on the squares that go two across, with one foot on each square, they need to say the sound that the two letters make together. For example, your kiddo starts by hopping on one foot and lands on the "S" square. He says the letter's name out loud. Next, the child would hop on one foot to the next square and says the letter's name out loud. But when he lands on the "crossbar", in which the left foot is on the "S" and the right foot is on the "H", he combines the letters together, and shouts the "SH" sound.

Once your child has the hang of this, he is ready to play with the rock or coin. Toss the rock or coin onto a square and hop around it while saying the letters on each square. Next, try to pick up the rock or coin without losing your balance. Once this is mastered, try saying the letter sound correctly in order to advance to the next square. Invite a friend or sibling to play and you have yourself a friendly game. Miss the sound and you go hop back one square. Say the sound correctly and you jump ahead. 

Spelling Hopscotch

What To Do For Spelling Hopscotch: 

  1. Draw squares either vertical or horizontal
  2. Write letters/phonemes to spell a word out (SH-I-P) each phoneme represents a square. 
  3. Have the child walk across each phoneme and says the sounds SH-I-P and then tries to blend the sounds together to make the word SHIP. This is a great why to practice reading and spelling. 
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