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TheraPLACE is a comprehensive learning center providing occupational, physical, speech and behavioral therapy services to children, young adults, and families in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding area. At TheraPLACE, we strive to help children and young adults PLAY, LIVE, and COMMUNICATE effectively. We provide individualized, family-oriented, research-supported therapy services aimed at helping clients and families reach their maximum potential. Success is created through a collaborative approach that includes building a community of support & promoting family involvement.

Early Screenings Can Boost Academic Achievement

We strongly believe the powerful combination of early intervention and family involvement is critical to the success of children.  Screenings can help determine if a child needs extra support to achieve their potential in a variety of areas:

  • Fine Motor (drawing and writing, cutting with scissors, manipulating fasteners when dressing)
  • Gross Motor (posture, balance, strength, coordination)
  • Self-care (eating with utensils, dressing, completing morning routine)
  • Cognition (attention, problem solving, memory)
  • Self-regulation (impulse control, self-soothing, transitions)
  • Language (expressive and receptive, comprehension)

Screening Available for All Ages
TheraPLACE can provide screenings for children and young adults of all ages and abilities.  Based on information provided prior to a screening, screenings are customized to allow our therapists to focus on your priorities.

TheraPLACE is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am-6:00 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am-4:00 pm.  Call us to set a time to stop by our facility and take a tour!