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Gross Motor Spider Web Activities

Gross Motor Spider Web Activities For Halloween!

Let us help you get into the Halloween spirit with a few gross motor activities using a larger than life spider web. With this easy to make indoor or outdoor spider web, you and your children are sure to have a ghostly good time. The spider web gross motor activities listed below are simple, spooky and not at all frightening. These activities promote balance and problem solving, and can be adapted for various levels.

Let’s Begin with Building the Spider Web

Materials Needed:  

  • Chalk or painter’s tape/masking tape
  • Pretend/plastic spiders


  • With either the tape or chalk, make a large X. Next draw another X perpendicular to the first one. You will end up with something that looks like an eight lined star or snowflake. Begin in the middle and connect the lines with arches increasing in length to create a finished web.  If space is limited, just make a half web using two Vs.
  • For a more permanent spider web, we recommend using painter’s tape or masking tape. If using tape indoors, we suggest testing it on the floor first to make sure it won’t leave a sticky residue when removed. Removing the tape can be fun for the kiddos to do once you are finished with your web.

Let’s Play!

Now that you have a kid-sized spider web there are several games you can play!

  • Use the web as a balance beam. For more of a challenge, place a pretend/plastic spider on your head and dare yourself not to drop it!
  • Place a few spiders in different spaces along the web for a spider web walking challenge. The object is to pick up all the spiders without stepping off the web. To make this game easier, only count falls onto the floor as a true fall. To make this game harder, try it on tippy toes or walking backwards.
  • Throw the spider into a space on the web to play spider hopscotch. Have the children pretend to be are insects as you ask them to navigate from one side of the web to the other without stepping on the sticky web lines or the space on the web with the spiders in it!
  • Write numbers, letters, shapes or words inside each space. Invite children to identify the information for you as they step on each space. You can also toss the pretend spider into the web and ask the child to name the number, letter, shape or word that it lands on.

As you can see there are so many creative ways to play with this gross motor spider web. Feel free to create your own! Happy Halloween!

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