DIY Indoor Obstacle 2017

Tame Cabin Fever With An Indoor Obstacle Course

Brisk wind and snow flurries have us all running for the comfort of the great indoors. Get moving this winter with a fun indoor obstacle course. You and your children can work together to transform common household items into fun, challenging, and versatile activities for any indoor space. Indoor obstacle courses help with gross and fine motor skills, sequencing, memory, and sensory input, strength, and balance.

Decide on a few simple stations, then add or change stations as children master them. Create stations using household items you currently have such as wash cloths, plastic cups, towels, laundry basket, and blankets. You can create your own stations or do a combination of our ideas with your stations. Below are a few fun ideas for creating your own obstacle course.

Indoor Yarn Lazer Maze Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course Ideas

  1.  Use yarn and tape to create your very own laser beam field
  2.  Zig zag between plastic cups set up like cones
  3.  Walk across a “balance beam” made from scarves, belts, or
    folded towels
  4.  Crawl over a series furniture cushions and under large blankets
  5.  Push a full laundry basket
  6.  Keep a balloon in the air for 10 seconds
  7.  Use small wash cloths as stepping stones
  8.  Do a specified number of whole body movements such as, jumping jacks or hopping on one leg
  9.  Perform animal walks such as bunny hops or frog jumps
  10.  Place a hula hoop along the way as a “Brain Challenge” spot for listing rhyming words, identifying letters, or completing a dot-to-dot or maze
  11.  Write down or draw the obstacle course stations then up the challenge by seeing how many steps can be memorized and sequenced
  12.  Place puzzle pieces along the way and complete a portion of the puzzle at the end of each trip around the course
  13.  Tell or draw a secret code at the start of the course, and have the child repeat or recreate it at the end

 The possibilities for creating an indoor obstacle course are endless. Consider having siblings create challenges for one another. Complete the course forward and then backwards. Does your child prefer screen time over all other activities? Trade screen time for obstacle course reps.

Want to target specific skills areas? Our team of therapists can help you design indoor courses to match your child’s strength and difficulty areas.

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