Core Strength Important for my Child

Why is Core Strength Important for my Child?


First let's define core strength- it is the development of the abdomen and back muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body in space. Poor core strength can negatively impact a lot of our other skills and abilities, including:

  • Poor posture
  • Decreased attention to task/ concentration
  • Decreased motivation to learn
  • Decreased fine motor control/precision
  • Decreased gross motor coordination

Imagine trying to paint a wall while working on a wobbly ladder or dangling from a rope. Those paint strokes would be very messy, and it would be really hard to get the paint to land on the spot you want. A child with poor core strength deals with this same struggle as they go through each day.  You need a stable base to paint easily and effectively, just as a child needs a strong core to meet the demands of the day.  In other words, core strength is an important foundational skill for your child because it allows increased coordination and precision of their arms and legs as well as many other benefits.

Need more ideas for building core strength?  Ask our therapists, we would love to help!

**Special thanks to Cameron for modeling what good posture looks like! Hips at 90 degrees, knees at 90 degrees, and ankles at 90 degrees.**

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