Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice

Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice

Occupational Therapy Rules!The scope of practice includes the domain (what is treated) and process (how it is treated) of occupational therapy services. The domain of occupational therapy is the everyday life activities (occupations) that people find meaningful and purposeful. Within this domain, occupational therapy services enable clients to engage in their everyday life activities in their desired roles, context, and life situations. The occupations in which clients engage occur throughout the lifespan and include:

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Valentine’s Craft 2017

Valentine's Day Craft

Warm your hearts and hands by making a sweet Valentine’s Day banner this month.  This activity allows your child to practice fine motor precision and hand/eye coordination while building hand strength. 

Boy holding Valentine's heart banner.Materials Needed:

  • Yarn in Valentine's Colors
  • Scissors
  • Colored Paper in Valentine's Colors
  • Pen, Pencil, Crayon, or Marker
  • Handheld Hole Punch
  • Clear Tape

Provides Opportunity to Practice:

  • Fine Motor Precision
  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Hand Strength


  1. Trace or draw hearts on colored paper.
  2. Cut out hearts with scissors.
  3. Make a small “x” near the top of each heart.
  4. Use the hole punch to make a hole right over the “x”.
  5. Thread the yarn through the hearts.
  6. Ta da! Hang up over a doorway, window, or on the wall.

Up for a challenge? Try this:

  • Use the hole punch to make letters in each of the hearts (i.e. L-0-V-E).
  • Cut out hearts with a scalloped edge.
  • Cut out smaller hearts.

Your child’s therapist “grades” or increases/decreases the difficulty of tasks to make the just right challenge for each kid. Try this at home ☺
***Thank you to Jordan for modeling this month’s activity with a big smile! ***