Autism Friendly Business Initiative

Autism Friendly Bussiness Intiviative

Autism Friendly Business Initiative LogoThe Autism Friendly Business Initiative or AFBI strives to make Louisville an autism friendly community by training local businesses in the areas of autism awareness, understanding, and acceptance. The process to become a level one Autism Friendly Business is simple and only takes about 10 minutes. Via a 10 minute online course, AFBI encourages businesses to understand general concepts such as what is autism, what the spectrum may look like, and appropriate and inappropriate ways to respond. 

Once training is complete, the company’s logo appears on the AFBI website for families in the autism community to browse. Community members can also identify these businesses by the AFBI  storefront decal and the AFBI logo on the company’s website.  The AFBI logo communicates that a business is a “place” for those with autism to find understanding through education and a “judgement free” zone for them and their families. It made perfect sense for TheraPLACE employees to complete this training since we regularly support families in the autism community.  Now that TheraPLACE is an Autism Friendly Business we want to spread the word!  It just takes 10 minutes to positively impact our community!

For businesses wanting to do more, the AFBI offers 3 levels of participation: awareness, modifications, and employment.

Awareness: Staff completes the 10 minute online training and provides compassionate customer service.

Modifications: Business makes accommodations to better support the autism community.

Employment: Company commits to reviewing hiring strategies and promoting a supportive work environment for individuals with ASD.

Please consider joining the growing number of businesses in Kentuckiana who want to set themselves apart from others through compassionate, exceptional customer service for children and adults of all abilities!

The AFBI is brought to you by Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Louisville and the Autism Friendly Community of Louisville, KY. To learn more about this initiative please visit AFBI can also be contact by phone or email: 502-596-1258 or

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