Welcome to TheraPLACE

TheraPLACE is a comprehensive learning center providing occupational, physical, and speech therapy services to children, young adults, and families in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding area. At TheraPLACE, we strive to help children and young adults PLAY, LIVE, and COMMUNICATE effectively. We provide individualized, family-oriented, research-supported therapy services aimed at helping clients and families reach their maximum potential. Our clients’ success is created through a collaborative approach that includes building a community of support & promoting family involvement.



We believe a child's best learning results from an energized, play-based approach. We want you and your child to have the tools and skills needed to be happy & active at home, in the classroom and community.


A child's main occupations include play, scholastic activities, self-care, and being part of family unit. As a child grows, so do their occupations, roles, and routines.


We teach children how to communicate effectively in their community. By improving communication, it will help the child  understand how others communicate and promote social growth.