Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice

Occupational Therapy Scope of Practice

Occupational Therapy Rules!The scope of practice includes the domain (what is treated) and process (how it is treated) of occupational therapy services. The domain of occupational therapy is the everyday life activities (occupations) that people find meaningful and purposeful. Within this domain, occupational therapy services enable clients to engage in their everyday life activities in their desired roles, context, and life situations. The occupations in which clients engage occur throughout the lifespan and include:Continue reading

June Gardening

June Gardening

It’s not too late to plant! Teach your kids about growing while building responsibility with this sensory rich experience. Whether an indoor or outdoor plant, your child will love the feeling that they grew something!Continue reading

Special Stands

Special Strands Hair Salon

Mallory Head is the owner/master stylist at Special Strands Hair Salon, a salon which provides services for children of all abilities, as well as their family and friends. For those young and old, she provides Continue reading

Way to go Arabella!

Your're a Star! Way to go Arabella!

little girl eating peachings in high chair

Arabella during Feeding Therapy


TheraPLACE would like to recognize Arabella for her excellent progress over the past several months, especially in the areas of feeding and expressive communication.  She began her time at TheraPLACE with a very limited diet and concerns with lack of weight gain as well as use of only a few words.  Arabella has greatly increased her diet variety to include things like yogurt, raspberries, mangos, strawberries, blackberries, and peanut butter!  She has  improved significantly in her self-feeding skills and is gaining weight.  Arabella says many more words independently and has began to imitate words she hears.  She says new words during every session and her vocabulary grows all the time!  Her hard work is really paying off—way to go, Arabella!

Speech Therapy Scope of Practice

Speech Therapy Scope of Practice

The overall objective of speech therapy or speech-language pathology services is to optimize individuals’ abilities to communicate and swallow, therefore improving quality of life. Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) are responsible for providing the following services: collaboration with other disciplines for holistic care (i.e. OT and PT), Continue reading


SHARE – Special Needs Help Finding Activities and Recreational Events

This month TheraPLACE’s spotlight is on the Facebook group SHARESpecial Needs Help Finding Activities and Recreational Events. When Donna Bleuel McGraw, the founder of SHARE, was asked why she started this network she replied, “As an aunt to two kids with Autism, I was always looking for activities to bring them to that wouldn’t be too loud or too crowded for them. I knew many others were in the same position so I decided to form a Facebook group where we could all SHARE special needs friendly events in the area.” Donna is also the president of River City Turners Gymnastics, a non-profit gym, which offers a monthly open gyms as well as weekly Zumba classes for kids and adults of all abilities.

River City Turners Upcoming Events

What: Special Needs Open Gym: trampolines, foam block pit, balance beams, tumble tracks, and more!
When: this is a monthly occurrence, the next few dates are —>
• Saturday, April 15th from 3pm to 5pm
• Saturday, May 13th from 3pm to 5pm
• Saturday, June 17th from 3pm to 5pm
Where: River City Turners Gymnastics (non-profit gym)
                 8009 Terry Rd, Louisville KY
Cost: $5 dollars per child, siblings are welcome

What: Zumba for Special Needs Friends with Licensed Instructor Kristi Kelty
When: Monday mornings 10:30am-11:30am
Where: River City Turners Gymnastics (non-profit gym)
                8009 Terry Rd, Louisville KY
Cost: $5 dollars per person

If you have any questions about SHARE or upcoming events at River City Turners, please contact Donna at 502-741-1982 or by email at Donnalmcgraw@yahoo.com.  Join the SHARE facebook group to learn more about fun events and happenings around town!

Make sure to tell Donna you saw this article on our website 🙂